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Oddersea is a dynamic ecosystem that connects communities through a virtual world powered by NFTs and gaming.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the launch of Oddersea?

The full production launch of Oddersea is planned for April 2024. This marks the official release of the app to the public, offering enhanced features and expanded functionality.

Can NFTs minted within the Oddersea app be transferred and sold in the secondary market?

Yes, from beta v2 NFTs minted within the Oddersea app can be transferred out of the app and sold in the secondary market. This provides users with the opportunity to monetize their creations and participate in the broader NFT ecosystem.

What are the requirements for mining land in Oddersea?

To mine land in Oddersea, users need to have at least one Oddling NFT and one Land NFT in their app wallet. These assets are necessary to participate in the land mining process and unlock the associated benefits and opportunities.

What is Oddersea?

Oddersea is an innovative app that allows users to design and mint their own NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). It provides a platform for creating and trading unique digital assets, including fantasy land. Users can purchase these assets using either cryptocurrencies or traditional payment methods.

When does the beta v2 release of Oddersea begin?

The beta v2 release of Oddersea is scheduled to start in January 2024 and will run for a period of three months. Users can apply on the Oddersea website to participate in the beta testing phase.

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