Welcome to Oddersea

A Hedera built ecosystem bridging communities, on a virtual new world via $ODD & NFTs • build-your-own-NFTs • Digital Land • Partner Programs • Cross Chain

Why Choose Oddersea

Unlock your creativity and design your own NFT artwork

Pay via >200 crypto currencies or with credit/debit card

Mine fungible tokens such as ODD directly in our app.

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Step 1

Set Up Your Wallet

Connect or create a new wallet

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Step 2

Create artwork

Design unique artwork in our art workshops

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Step 3

Mint NFTs

Mint your NFTs at your own leasure

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Step 4

Mine fungible tokens

Put your mining crew to work and mine fungibile tokens such as ODD

Meet Our Amazing Team

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COO & Co-Founder
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CEO & Co-Founder
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CPO & Co-Founder

Discover, create and sell your own NFT